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Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing, “SE,” is a short-term naturalistic approach to resolving and healing trauma developed by Dr. Peter Levine and is supported by research. It is based upon the observation that wild prey animals, though threatened routinely, are rarely traumatized.

Animals in the wild utilize innate mechanisms to regulate and discharge the high levels of energy arousal associated with defensive survival behaviors. These mechanisms provide
animals with a built-in “immunity’’ to trauma that enables them to return to normal in the aftermath of highly ‘’charged’’ life-threatening experiences.


 SE employs awareness of body sensation to help people 'renegotiate' and heal rather than re-live or re-enact trauma.

❖ SE's guidance of the bodily "felt sense," allows the highly aroused survival energies to be safely experienced and gradually discharged.

❖ SE may employ touch in support of the renegotiation process.

❖ SE “titrates” experience (breaks down into small, incremental steps), rather than evoking catharsis - which can overwhelm the regulatory mechanisms of the organism.

For further references and information online about SE go to

White Sands
Rock Formation

Benefits & Risks

SE can result in several benefits to you, such as relief of traumatic stress symptoms, increased resiliency, and resourcefulness. Like any other treatment, it may also have unintended negative side effects, such as sleep disturbances, frightening memories, or unfamiliar and uncomfortable body sensations. Such reactions are not uncommon and can be attended to in the course of our work together.


It is important that you are aware that there are other forms of body-oriented and somatic psychotherapy modalities that may also be helpful to you, such as EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, or Yoga/ Yoga Therapy. Obviously, there are also many non-somatic focused forms of psychotherapy and counseling that you can choose from. My education and training in SE include completing the certified training program. I am currently assisting in the training of new students in this field.

If you have any questions about SE or other treatments, please ask and I will do my best to answer your questions in full.

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