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Intro Consultation

Before booking an appointment, it's helpful to discuss what the client is looking for and whether or not my services can meet those needs. For this, we will first schedule a free consultation. These consults are approximately 30 minutes and can be in person, via phone call, or via Zoom. We will use this time to go over concerns, curiosities, and expectations along with scheduling and pricing.

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Intro Consultation
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Somatic Experiencing (SE)

* Check out "What is Somatic Experiencing" for more details*

  • Clients are invited to engage with conversation and exercises that allow them to understand their body's natural responses to previous or current experiences while practicing using tools to self-regulate when needed.

  • All sessions are:

    • Self pay

    • Available both in person and online via Zoom

  • Clients

    • $150 for 60 mins

  • Somatic Experiencing Students (not yet an SEP)

    • BEG Year Personal Session (for credit) $100

    • Personal Session (no credit) $125

Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Bodywork

  • This is a hands-on modality, most similar to Massage Therapy, that integrates the tools of Somatic Experiencing to aid in settling the nervous system while providing touch therapy to the body in areas where pain or trauma is present.

  • Somatic bodywork requires participation from the client by answering questions about what they are experiencing and paying attention to the felt sense during the hands-on work.

  • $125 for 60 mins, $175 for 90 min

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Somatic Bodywork
Yoga Pose


Private/group classes

  • Private classes are tailored to the student's needs and practiced one-on-one, in person, or via Zoom. Classes may be recorded upon request for the student's future use.

    • Private session $80 for 60 mins

  • Group classes are made to explore our bodies while being in community with others. 

On-site classes

  • Classes will be customized to the individual or group's needs.

  • $150/hr 

    • Includes setup/breakdown time

    • Any required availability before and after class additional cost

  • Travel cost

    • No additional charge if within Bloomington/Normal city limits

    • All other mileage is calculated based on IRS Mileage Rate

  • Props

    • Blocks, bolsters, blankets, tadpoles, and sandbags are available for an additional charge upon request.



  • Reiki is a form of energy work that encourages relaxation and invites the "rest and digest" part of the nervous system to engage through gentle touch. 

  • Afterwards we will take time to discuss what the client experienced during the session along with any information the Practitioner has to offer.

  • $125 per 60 min session with an additional 15 min post-session discussion (75 min total)

Glass Waves


I offer professional consulting services to support individuals and agencies/organizations in cultivating trauma-informed and embodied spaces led by curiosity. Whether you are an individual seeking personal development or an agency/organization aiming to establish a trauma-informed culture, my personalized approach fosters empathy, and resilience while building community.


To learn more about my services and take the next step toward a more mindful and nurturing environment, click here to fill out the form. I look forward to connecting with you!​

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